Isolated bottle of San Antonio Winery Cardinale American Sweet Red Wine against a white background.


American Sweet Red Wine

This sweet blend is the perfect partner for barbeques, tacos, pasta, and all bold bites. Serve chilled for the most refreshing taste!

About this Wine

Fruit Forward Flavor
Goes well with grilled foods
High alcohol

San Antonio Cardinale is a classic sweet red wine with delightful aromas of ripe berries and a rich grape flavor. This timeless blend, crafted by the Riboli family for over 50 years, is your invitation to savor the good times. Whether sizzling up a barbecue, hosting a laughter-filled dinner, or cozying up for family nights, San Antonio Cardinale is the perfect companion. Made with 100% natural grapes and naturally fermented.

Flavor profile: Ripe Berries
Varietal: Red Blend
ABV: 11.5%

Two friends toasting with wine glasses over a game of checkers, with a bottle of San Antonio Winery Grignolino on the table.

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