The San Antonio Specialty Story

Four bottles of San Antonio Winery wines (Cardinale, Villadoro Moscato, Imperial, and Granada Sweet Rosé) on an outdoor table.

Over 100 years of winemaking

The story of San Antonio Specialty started in 1917 when the Riboli family founded San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles California.

Back then, Los Angeles was the prime location for California wine-growing. For some time, the wine industry reigned as one of Southern California’s most economically significant and popular industries of that time. After surviving Prohibition and nearly a century later, the Riboli family continues the artisan wine making tradition that has spanned four generations.

Two people holding up glasses of red wine over a bottle of San Antonio Winery Cardinale on a small, colorful outdoor table.

San Antonio Cardinale is born

Inspired by the American lifestyle of the late 60’s, the Riboli family sought to create a sweet red varietal to add to their gatherings with friends and family. In 1967, Cardinale was introduced as a sweet red blend with aromas of ripe berries and refreshing grape flavor. The wine won its first medal in 1968, a year after being introduced.

Since then, it has won over 40 gold medals and has established itself as a staple in the American community.

Our Family Grows Larger

After Cardinale’s success, the Riboli family decided to create three additional flavors that could be paired with everyone’s favorite meals. From semi-sweet Moscato, to tropical sweet Rosé, the San Antonio Specialty family came complete with four distinct flavors that could be enjoyed at any time of day.

Group of friends raising their glasses for a toast at an outdoor dinner table, with bottles of San Antonio Winery wine and a variety of dishes.
A couple enjoying drinks and snacks at a restaurant, with a bottle of San Antonio Winery Cardinale on the table.

Our Family Pairs Well With Everybody

Whether planning brunch with friends, or hosting a family dinner, the San Antonio Specialty has a perfect pairing for you. Try them all today!

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Isolated bottle of San Antonio Winery Cardinale American Sweet Red Wine against a white background.


American Sweet Red

Isolated bottle of San Antonio Winery Imperial Grape Red Wine against a white background.

Imperial Red

California Semi-Sweet

Isolated bottle of San Antonio Winery Villadoro Moscato against a white background.


California Moscato

San Antonio winery. Granada Sweet Rose. Grape Wine with Natural Flavors


California Rosé