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With Everybody

Discover the San Antonio Specialty family

Whether you’re celebrating with friends, having dinner with family, or enjoying a quiet night at home, the San Antonio Specialty family has a wine for every occasion!


Discover the rich history of San Antonio Specialty wines. From San Antonio Cardinale to San Antonio Villadoro, each of our flavors holds a unique story that spans for over 50 years. With a variety of flavor profiles and tasting notes, the San Antonio Specialty family has focused on creating the perfect wine for you. 

Our Family Pairs Well With Everybody

Whether planning brunch with friends, or hosting a family dinner, the San Antonio Specialty has a perfect pairing for you. Try them all today!

good together

Discover all the food pairings and cocktail recipes that the San Antonio Specialty family can bring to your table!

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Cardinale American Sweet Red


American Sweet Red

Imperial Red Semi Sweet

Imperial Red

California Semi-Sweet

Villadoro California Moscato


California Moscato

Grenada Tropical Sweet Pink


California Rosé